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Stevie Paige - Welcome To The Big Time

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Tracks Listing:
 1. That's Soul - 4:37
 2. Nothing I'd Take - 3:50
 3. If You Don't Love Me - 4:44
 4. The Best Of Me - 4:25
 5. Far From Here - 4:04
 6. Beyond The Rainbow - 4:23
 7. I Will - 3:24
 8. Forever - 4:14
 9. If It's Not Your Own - 3:55
10. Fly High - 4:05
11. Shot Down - 4:45
12. Ol' Man River (feat. Charlie Musselwhite) - 3:57

Stevie Paige - Singer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist.
From the prestigious stage of the Melbourne Concert Hall as a classical guitarist to the famous Beale Street in Memphis as a blues singer, Stevie’s career has been anything but typical. A graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts and with a postgraduate offer to study at London’s Royal College of Music, the future seemed all but set.  An unexpected encounter with a campus blues band one night derailed this classical musician, and almost overnight the playing of concertos with orchestras was traded for a steel string guitar and a stomp box. With ten national and international nods for her album ‘Welcome to the Big Time,’ this Chain and Vic/Tas award winner is widely regarded as an exceptional talent with one the best voices you will hear anywhere in the world.
Brought up in the country town of Hanging Rock in Victoria Australia, Stevie grabbed hold of her first guitar at the age of ten and never looked back. The vast array of music played in the family home would in later years have a significant impact on Steve’s writing style. Soundtracks to the big musicals like Oklahoma, Don Quixote and My Fair Lady fostered a love of the ‘grand’ production. Even as Stevie’s attention moved to the classical guitar, her draw to orchestral arrangements was evident.
Making good on her ambition to attend the ‘Fame’ school, Stevie auditioned for one of Australia’s most prestigious music schools, ‘The Victorian College of the Arts’. Despite excelling at the college as a classical musician and a postgraduate offer to study at London’s Royal College of Music, Stevie’s growing ambition to explore another side of the music world was proving irresistible.  The seed for this was planted quite accidentally when Stevie was asked to fill in for a Blues Brothers tribute band. Fronting up to the show with her trusty classical guitar, the good-humoured band firmly placed a Stratocaster in her hands with a, “there ya go, plug that in.” With that, Stevie took her first, if somewhat flustered steps, to playing with a band and it was a significant turning point in her musical career. With new ambition and direction, Stevie set off across Australia armed with just her guitar and stompbox. Many years of touring and recording forged a confident and exceptional talent, and with an ever-growing fan base, Stevie seemed poised to take to the world stage.
In July 2014, whilst performing at the Devonport Jazz Festival in Tasmania, Australia, Stevie was dealt a serious setback. Becoming suddenly ill she was rushed to the local hospital where she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Her battle with the tumour and its various complications, played out over the next few years bringing her public musical life to a complete halt. Brain surgery in February 2017 saw the tumour finally and successfully removed. More than a year of rehabilitation has seen Stevie make a complete recovery.
During her hiatus, Stevie began teaching herself to play multiple different instruments as well as setting up her own recording studio.  What started out as a project to keep herself distracted has turned out to be a significant addition to Stevie’s career.
With her health restored, Stevie is determined/

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