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AJ & The Shapes - AJ & The Shapes

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1987
Time: 46:28
Size: 107,3 MB
Label: Appaloosa Records(2009)
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Songs/Tracks Listing:
1.My babe - 3:19
2.Never let me go - 4:05
3.You're Gonna Need Me - 4:47
4.Little Momma - 2:45
5.Herb Stuffing - 3:38
6.Automobile - 4:02
7.Lean Clean Lovin' Machine - 3:09
8.Call me Up - 4:06
9.Home at Last - 2:42
10.Headed for hard Times - 2:47
11.All Night Long - 3:28
12.Black Forest Blues - 4:20
13.Hot Damn - 3:13

He is widely known in the blues harmonica world as a true master of his craft, and for his signature 'tone' - which many harmonica players have tried to duplicate without success. recorded his first solo album for Patrick Ford's Blue Rock'It label. Then he turned into a rock/pop artist. With his bands, The Defenders and The Shapes he played a contemporary Californian blend of New Wave rock toured the world on a regular basis. Surprisingly enough, 'AJ & The Shapes' is only his third solo album containing the well-known Just-mix of easy-going westcoast bluesrock, and harmonica artistry. Fred James from Nashville is also on board. A strong one. ANDY JUST - hca/voc, FRD JAMES - gtr/org/voc, FINGERS FARRELL - bass, LENNY CAMPANARO - drums.


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