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среда, 6 мая 2015 г.

Anthony Gomes - ...Before The Beginning

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2013
Time: 38:25
Size: 88,6 MB
Label: Up 2 Zero Entertainment
Styles: Blues Rock/Modern Electric Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. ...Before The Beginning - 0:55
 2. Blues Is Good - 3:23
 3. Lady Soul - 3:11
 4. Love Is Everything - 3:09
 5. Sinner's Song - 2:48
 6. Golden Wings - 5:17
 7. Let's Fall In Love - 3:11
 8. Rescue Me - 4:08
 9. Beautiful Goodbye - 3:24
10. I See The Blues In Technicolor - 4:13
11. Old Ten Wheeler - 4:21
12. The End Comes... - 0:21

Anthony Gomes is back with another fantastic album titled Before The Beginning. Gomes treats his listeners to a more stripped down experience, using acoustic instrumentation and focusing on vocals.
Gomes says, “I wanted to capture the spirit of the field hollers and get back to where the music came from.” And that’s exactly what he did. The album has an intro and outro that capture the essence of spirituals, with an eclectic variety of songs sandwiched in between.
The album kicks off with an up-tempo blues called “Blues is Good.” This song is when the listener gets a first glimpse of the acoustic sound that is held throughout the album. It even features an acoustic guitar solo. Gomes quickly switches gears with “Lady Soul,” a ’50s inspired ballad. Gomes’ vocals shine on this track and are highlighted by outstanding backing vocals that are consistent throughout the album. “Love is Everything” is a unique treasure on the album. An uplifting song, sounding like it could have been taken straight from Toy Story, shows a softer side to Gomes. Gomes hits the sweet spot once again with “Let’s Fall in Love,” an up-beat tune that will make anybody wish they were in love. This tune is a duet with Gomes and Minnie Murphy, whose angelic voice is perfection and a great contrast to Gomes.
As usual, Gomes has put out an album full of different sounds. There’s something for everybody, old and young, on Before the Beginning. It’s a timeless piece of art. The Review: 8/10 ~Review by Liz Lohnes

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