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пятница, 15 мая 2015 г.

Hank Mowery - Excuses Plenty

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2015
Time: 34:41
Size: 79,5 MB
Label: Blue Bella Records
Styles: Roots Rock/Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Anna Lee - 3:11
 2. I Don't Want To Know - 3:38
 3. Excuses Plenty - 4:42
 4. Walk With Me - 4:07
 5. One And Only - 2:46
 6. Little Bit Of Rhythm - 3:11
 7. Cry For Me - 2:30
 8. Would You Still Love Me On A Rainy Day - 4:20
 9. Telephone Is Ringing - 4:30
10. I'm So Glad - 1:41

Boasting one hard-hitting original after another, Hank Mowery's sophomore solo album Excuses Plenty combines relentless shuffles, exquisite after-hours laments, and storming juke joint rockers into a remarkably cohesive statement, catapulting the Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Mowery into the uppermost echelon of contemporary blues harpists. n The ideas flowed like sweet wine when Hank cut his blistering new album Excuses Plenty at co-producer Tommy Schichtel's all-analog Goon Lagoon Studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Its well-crafted originals run the gamut from the hard-hitting blues "Anna Lee" and "One And Only" to the juke joint stormer "Walk With Me" and the swampy title track. Hank also takes on a William Clarke classic, "Telephone Is Ringing," trading imaginative licks with guest harmonicist Dennis Gruenling. "Dennis and I are both big William Clarke geeks," laughs Hank. Gruenling takes over harp duties on the exquisite after-hours theme "Would You Still Love Me On A Rainy Day," Mowery turning in a profoundly effective vocal effort. nMowery is joined by a coterie of his best musical pals on the set, including guitarists Mike Morgan, and Doug Deming (who brought his combo, the Jewel Tones, to the party), Larry Taylor and Pete Curry. Mowery's own sizzling band, the Hawktones, featuring Troy Amaro, Chris Corey, John Large & Patrick Recob makes its presence felt bigtime throughout the disc as well. n Excuses Plenty is Hank's first release on Blue Bella Records, the prolific Chicago-based label best known for releasing a series of splendid discs by its co-owner, veteran blues guitarist Nick Moss.nThe new album comes on the heels of Hank's acclaimed 2013 release Account to Me, a loving tribute to his late friend, harpist Gary Primich. Being awarded BEST SELF PRODUCED CD at the International Blues Challenge helped establish Mowery on the national and international music scene.nThis jumping set qualifies as traditional and contemporary blues at the same time. Mowery and his sparkling originals have inspired his friends to cook up some of the toughest, tightest grooves you're likely to encounter.


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