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вторник, 21 августа 2018 г.

Bobby Parker - Bent Out of Shape

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1993
Time: 52:57
Size: 121,9 MB
Label: Blsck Top Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Fast Train - 4:22
 2. It's Hard But It's Fair - 3:59
 3. Bent Out of Shape - 4:14
 4. So Glad i Found You - 5:49
 5. I Call Her Baby - 5:30
 6. Watch Your Step - 3:33
 7. Break it Up - 4:37
 8. Let That be the Reason - 4:47
 9. I've Got a Way with Women - 6:02
10. Bobby-A-Go-Go - 5:06
11. Blues Get Off My Shoulder - 4:53

Though guitarist Bobby Parker's success is recent, he's been a driving behind-the-scenes force in the blues for a long time. Listening to his Black Top Records debut, 1993's Bent Out of Shape, it's easy to hear why. Parker has the sure skill of the veteran, so that even when his solos are at their most elaborate, he never sounds like he's showing off. He works with bassist Lee Allen Zeno to a degree rarely heard among blues guitarists; listen to how the lines play off of each other on "Bobby-A-Go-Go." In fact, the bass work is strong throughout, coming to the fore on "Break It Up" and the album's scorching closer, "Blues Get Off My Shoulder." Parker's a more than capable vocalist as well, whispering, shouting, and wailing with never a wrong note. Bent Out of Shape has the feel of a best-kept secret. Hopefully, that won't be so for long. --Genevieve Williams

Bent Out of Shape

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