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пятница, 3 августа 2018 г.

Paulo Mendonca - Different Phases

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1993
Time: 42:04
Size: 96,8 MB
Label: Polar Music AB
Styles: Funky Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Chocolate Chip & Chicken Bone - 3:41
 2. If You Want My Love - 3:30
 3. Just In Case - 3:58
 4. Different Faces - 3:58
 5. Brother - 4:36
 6. Get On Up, Come On In - 4:11
 7. The Powerhungry - 4:33
 8. 3rd Leg - 3:20
 9. People - 4:22
10. Don't Go Where Your Soul Won't Shine - 5:49

More of Mendonca´s funky stuff and maybe a little groovier this time from Paulo/
Paulo Mendonça is a Swedish funk guitarist of Portuguese origin. He has made 4 albums, the first 3 in the 1990s to limited success. He toured with Tina Turner among others. In 2008, he collaborated on Jeff Scott Soto's album, Beautiful mess. In 2013, he released Does anyone wanna funk? which featured the song Birds and the bees, a moderate success in Sweden and Germany/ He was one of the first musicians ever to collaborate with the Swatch Group to provide tunes for its Melody line of wristwatches. His latest collaboration with Swatch is the PAULO MENDONCA-11 PM model, from the Winter 2013 collection.

Different Phases

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