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Lachy Doley - S.O.S.(Singer Organ Soul)

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2013
Time: 55:06
Size: 126,2 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Love Blinded Fool - 3:43
 2. The Walking Dead - 4:43
 3. Jemima Jane - 6:13
 4. Six Feet Under (featuring Simon Meli) - 4:02
 5. Still In Love - 7:35
 6. Paper Plane - 5:01
 7. If Looks Could Kill - 6:38
 8. The Underground - 3:58
 9. Not Mistaken - 6:39
10. I Don't Want To Be Forgot - 6:29

Lachlan R "Lachy" Doley (born ca. 1977) is an Australian musician, singer and songwriter best known for playing the Hammond Organ and Whammy Clavinet. Doley has recorded and/or toured with Jimmy Barnes, Glenn Hughes, Billy Thorpe, Joe Bonamassa and Powderfinger. Doley has issued two albums as a solo artist, Typically Individual Conforming Anti-Social (2011) and S.O.S (Singer Organ Soul) (2013); and two albums fronting Lachy Doley Group, Conviction (2015) and Lovelight (2017). The latter album peaked at No. 40 on the ARIA Albums Chart.
Lachy Doley grew up in Adelaide, where he started a course at university. In the early 1990s his older brother, Clayton Doley, was a member of Sydney-based blues and roots group, Bondi Cigars, before turning to session work. During a break from his uni Doley joined Clayton in Sydney in the mid-1990s also as a session musician, "once I got here I thought, 'This is fantastic,' I dropped out of uni and stayed." In 1999 Clayton travelled to New York while Doley continued his local session work.
In 2002 the brothers reunited in Sydney and formed a classic rock and soul band, the Hands, with Doley on a Hohner clavinet and Clayton on a Hammond organ. They issued two albums, Live and Breathe (2004) and Everything Is Wonderful (2008). Brett Winterford of The Sydney Morning Herald observed the first album was "sung by guest soul vocalists Jade MacRae, Kara Grainger and Mahalia Barnes. The band struggled to afford to tour with guest vocalists and so narrowed their act to a four-piece (the brothers backed by drums and bass). By necessity, the brothers took to singing themselves."
Doley provided piano and Hammond organ for Powderfinger's fifth studio album, Vulture Street (July 2003), as a recording session musician. Subsequently the group used him as their touring keyboardist from mid-2007 to 2010. As a solo artist Doley released two studio albums, Typically Individual Conforming Anti-Social (2011) and S.O.S (Singer Organ Soul) (2013).
He has recorded with English rock musician, Glenn Hughes, on the artist's solo album, Resonate (2016), and on a cover version of "Highway Star" for the Deep Purple tribute album, Re-Machined: A Tribute to Deep Purple's Machine Head (2012). For the latter he also worked with Steve Vai and Chad Smith.
Doley fronted the eponymous Lachy Doley Group from 2014, which issued two albums, Conviction (2015) and Lovelight (January 2017). The latter debuted at No. 40 on the ARIA Albums Chart. Other recording sessions include with Mahalia Barnes and Joe Bonamassa on Ooh Yeah! – The Betty Davis Songbook Album (2015). Doley is a regular member of Jimmy Barnes live shows including, Barnes' brief Australia Day set aboard a ship on Sydney Harbour in 2017.

S.O.S.(Singer Organ Soul)

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